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Ready To Attend...

In any given night 60% of the crowd are regulars and understand our policies. 40% are new to the experience. It is very difficult for these folks to arrive and expect us to teach them everything they need to know about attending a drive-in. Most of which is common sense.

To enable us to bring the crowd in quickly and efficiently here is what new patron needs to know prior to arriving to the Bengies Drive-in Theatre:

1)     HEADLIGHTS, DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS & "AUTOMATIC" vehicle lights are trouble for us and our regular patrons. Bring brown paper and tape to cover these lights OR check your owners manual to see if you can gain complete control of them.  Short of having the ability to keep the lights out, plan on covering them. We will not sell a ticket with these white lights on. Once the lights are out or covered if they come back on anytime, for any reason, while you are in the theatre the only option left is for you to cover them.

2)    No photographing, image capturing, or audio recording anywhere on the premises, this includes the entrance road.

3)    Cash only at the Box Office. Have your currency ready, do not arrive at the box office and hold up the line by fishing your wallet out of your pocket or purse. If you are on your cell phone while trying to purchase a ticket you will be shown the exit. YES, YOUR ADMISSION INCLUDES ALL MOVIES SHOWING THE NIGHT YOU ARRIVE, unless otherwise indicated.

4)    Obey all signs on the roadway.

5)    Vehicles with one person can be refused entry on busy nights. If you are joining a party of friends consider parking outside of the theatre and simply walking to the box office to purchase your ticket (see the bottom of this page).

6)    During busy times there are people directing traffic on the roadway. Give them the utmost attention and courtesy. DO NOT ask this person questions as they are trying to watch and guide traffic in four directions. Distracting them is dangerous for all concerned.

  • Driver's PLEASE turn off your cell phones, read the signs and obey the traffic director.
  • Just prior to turning right on to the entrance road please roll down your window so you can hear the traffic director's instructions.
  •  Stay close to the vehicle in front of you, we are trying to keep from cars from backing up on Eastern Ave. (MD Sate route 150)
  • There will be no left turns from the west bound lane during these busy times. If it occurs, it is too dangerous to back your vehicle out, so you will sit in a rather long line only to be shown the exit.
  • If you cut into the line from the left-hand lane you will also sit in a long line to be shown the exit. No cheating. (Warning if you are turning left out of Bengies RD. near the newly constructed Royal Farm store you too will not be allowed to turn left and cut into the line.)
  • While you are on Eastern Ave. do not swing around traffic to enter, stay in the right lane on Eastern Ave. at all times.
  • Do not change lanes on the entrance roadway unless directed to do so.
7)    Once inside, PLEASE read the "House Rules and Policies" that are in the flyer handed out to each car at the Box Office BEFORE you leave your vehicle. (Or you may read them here online by clicking on the Tab for House Rules, or click here:
These "House Rules and Policies" are important to the smooth operation and are things our patrons need to know because all of them are STRICTLY enforced.  Most people realize that these are also a guide on "how to attend the Bengies Drive-In Theatre."

8)    Please check your vehicle's owner's manual, so you can play your vehicle's radio with out draining the battery.

9) Parking:

Pole 1 (All White) is designated for cars only
Pole 2 (White & Yellow) is designated for any vehicle (with exceptions)
Pole 3 (White, Yellow, & Blue) is designated for larger vehicles, vans, Trucks, SUV's ect...

Please follow our field attendant's instructions on which pole to park next to when you arrive. Please park close enough to a pole to allow room for another vehicle to park next to you. If you have any trouble parking or have any questions please see our field attendants.

If you plan to sit outside of your vehicle please sit between your vehicle and the screen.

Reminder, if your actions impede our effort to quickly serve our good patrons, we will exercise our right to refuse admission.

Many Thanks!

NOTICE: From MEMORIAL THROUGH LABOR DAY WEEKEND, We will not allow one person in a vehicle to occupy space on busy nights.  TO BE CLEAR: The policy will apply to all Friday & Saturdays until September, with an exception to Friday IF you arrive on the roadway within 15 minutes of the PUBLISHED box office opening time.  It will NOT apply to Sundays except for holiday Sundays, like labor day weekend Sunday. If you are joining others here at the Bengies, please "hook up" outside the theatre and use one vehicle.  We cannot turn away families because we ran out of space due to folks thinking that the Bengies is a parking lot!  You MAY park at our good neighbor's lot that is the yellow or orange-ish brick building next to the drive-in theater's entrance, (Austen's) if you park correctly, and then you may walk down the roadway to purchase a ticket and join your party.    IF YOU ARE A REGULAR CUSTOMER that normally comes alone, PLEASE email us through the website at least 2 days prior to your visit and tell us who you are, the year, make, color and model of your vehicle and we may be able to email you an exception.   To send us an email, Click HERE or go to the Contact Us page.

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Friday, Oct 26th through Saturday, Oct 27th

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Fri - 6:00pm / Sat - 5:00pm

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The House with a Clock in Its Walls
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